Frequently Asked Questions

Every computer monitor or device screen shows color differently. In a similar fashion, results from different printers and different label materials can show color differently.

Working over the web, we offer a color picking tool that easily allows you to enter your own custom colors. The problem with choosing colors over the web is they will never print the exact same as you see them on screen.

We want to make sure you’re aware that printed label results may not accurately represent the color you see on screen.

A more accurate way to work with color.

You might have CMYK or Pantone colors you’d like to work with. That’s great!! Tell us what specific colors to use in the Notes field of the order form.

With Craft Label Co., you select a label design and we handle the rest. After selecting a label, you will be asked to enter in your own details for your new label. Each field on the order form will guide you on what elements you can customize. Within 24-48 hours we will review your order and create a new label on a 3D can mockup for your approval.

Beer lovers and retailers want to support small and independent craft breweries. Help them identify your brands by adding the Independent Craft Brewer Seal to your brewery branding.

There is no cost to use the seal and no COLA update is required.

If you have not yet adopted the seal or need to re-download the artwork, visit Press the yellow “Get the Seal” buttons to determine eligibility, sign the license agreement, and download the official artwork.

This certification mark is provided by the Brewers Association. If you have questions contact

We will coordinate the final design and printing details with you through email. Once we have decided on the label printer, label dimensions, and printing specifications, Craft label Co. will email you the final print-ready label artwork.

If you have a label printer that you like working with, we can utilize their printing process to complete your order. If you do not have a label printer, Craft Label Co. has a trusted label partner that we would be happy to connect you with. We want to make sure your labels get printed well, so feel free to CC us on email communication with your printer.

The standard label you purchase is royalty free, where you are purchasing the use of Craft Label Co.’s art. Other businesses can also purchase the same label design for use on their products and this is why pricing is more affordable.

If you would like to buy ownership of a label, you can be the sole owner of the label artwork and we’ll take that label out of our store.

If you are planning on selling products in any retail setting, you will want to create a barcode. If you are only planning on selling your products directly to the consumer, you may not need a barcode.

Craft Label Co. does not generate or manage UPC or SKU numbers, but we will generate the scannable barcode graphics to be applied to your labels from the 12 digit code you provide.

If you want to create a totally unique packaging brand for your business, we got you. These labels and Craft Label Co. are all products of Craft Brew Creative, a branding and design studio focused on the craft beverage market.

If you’re interested in creating your own package branding, or any other branding work, reach out to Ryan – – for more information.

Still have questions?

No prob :) Reach out to us with any questions you have and we’ll get back with you ASAP.