Craft beverage label designs


Save thousands of dollars...and still look hot on the shelf.


Step 1

Purchase your template from our shop and include your logo,  beer name, ABV, description, or any other template specific requirements listed.

Step 2

Craft Label Co. will create your label behind the scenes. You will be provided a rendering of your new label placed on a can or bottle for final approval.

Step 3

Once your label is approved, we will deliver a print-ready label setup to your label printer’s specs. CC us on your communication with your printer and we’ll make sure your label is produced smoothly.


Branded to Each Beer

If you’d like to create a system where each beer is unique, you can apply a color palette to your labels to achieve a look like this. The benefit of this method is each beer can have character and are more easily distinguishable.

Branded to Your Brewery

Having each beer be branded to your brewery’s branding can create a bold and consistent look for your packaged beer. When these are lined up together, it becomes easy to recognize these labels belong to your brand.